Born in China, Zhao Li is an Antwerp-based jewelry designer who graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. In 2011, she decides to launch her own jewelry line, named TALITALI, which focuses on innovative and striking pieces. Her designs offer the right balance between audacity and elegance, wearability and uniqueness. 

With her last collection, entitled 'The Reactor', Zhao goes back to her Chinese roots, making it one of her most personal and engaging projects to date. Showcasing the beauty of jade, as well as echoing its cultural weight, her collection highlights the power of the stone, while approaching it in an avant-garde way. In Zhao’s hands, traditional jades takes on a new and futuristic look, giving the designer's creations a special place within the jewelry landscape.  

Interpreting her own heritage in a completely modern way, Zhao Li combines science fiction references and motifs from the animal world with her refined and timeless forms, reaching a sense of harmony between her own fantasy and organic shapes. Working mostly with silver, she explores various textures to add more depth and substance to her jewels, making them distinctive and visually inspiring.